Die innovativen und flexiblen Robotiklösungen von Diabots sind genau das, was wir benötigen, um unsere Labore zukunftssicher aufzustellen und unsere Mitarbeitenden zu entlasten.

Die Automatisierung eines Labors, das für die Diagnostik von 1.000 Klinkbetten verantwortlich ist, ist höchst komplex. Markus Praus und sein Team haben uns von Anfang an mit ihrer Kompetenz und Erfahrung in der Labordiagnostik überzeugt. Gleichzeitig haben sie unsere speziellen Anforderungen schnell und für uns optimal umgesetzt. Besser kann ein solches Projekt nicht laufen!


We have set ourselves the clear goal of addressing the serious challenges in the healthcare system caused by the shortage of skilled workers in the medical sector. We offer tailor-made, automated solutions that fit the specific needs of hospitals and laboratories. These solutions include robotic technology and innovative automation equipment capable of handling a wide range of laboratory tasks, from sample processing to data analysis.

In an era where medical research and diagnostics continue to advance, Diabots has become a pioneer, redefining the boundaries of what is possible in the laboratory. Our company philosophy focuses on equipping medical laboratories with the help of autonomous robots, artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced automation systems. At a time when the shortage of skilled workers and qualified personnel in the medical sectoris becoming increasingly noticeable, Diabots helps to overcome these challenges while increasing the quality of laboratory diagnostics.

We believe that innovation and progress in the medical field should go hand in hand. The introduction of autonomous robots in medical laboratories enables precision and reproducibility in diagnostic processes. These robots can perform a variety of tasks, from sample collection to preparation to analysis, all without human intervention.

Medical laboratories are often faced with the problem of a shortage of highly qualified personnel. Diabots starts here by offering a solution that not only reduces the workload on existing staff, but also relieves specialists of repetitive and time-consuming tasks and generally makes work in the laboratory more attractive.


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